IELTS for Work


If you are having the proof of your language proficiency then you can easily get a visa to work abroad. Language plays a vital role in career success and is considered as a valuable asset with other requirements of the job. Having a command over English skills means that, you have learned more than basic conversational English.

For the UK, there is need of 6.5 bands for working visa.

For Australia, 6 bands are enough to get working visa.

For Canada, you have to check directly that what the different organizations want IELTS score.

Therefore, in different countries, the minimum score will vary according to your chosen occupation. Choose the best IELTS centre in India to get your dream true.

IELTS or TOEFL which one is easier or better?


There are two main English languages that are widely used around the world. First is IELTS and second is TOEFL but which one is better?

IELTS VS TOEFL Availability

IELTS and TOEFL these are the two main common languages. Firstly you can check which colleges and university accept these tests clearly. So by checking this, you can come to know about the availability.


IELTS VS TOEFL is similar to each other. Both the languages take four test skills reading, writing, listening and speaking and there is not much difference between prices of these test. The cost $150 to $250 depending on where you do this test.

Differences: Speaking

There is a little difference between the speaking tests. In IELTS test is conducted to the real person and the TOEFL the test is conducted to the computer and you will speak all the answers to a computer. In IELTS test consists of 3 round and the time limit is 15 minutes and the real person give you to any topic and then you speak clearly and the TOEFL test you will answer 6 question and the time limit is 20 minutes.

Differences: Writing

In TOEFL you will write the answer on computer whereas in IELTS you will write the answer on the test paper. Most of the students have bad handwritings that’s why they prefer TOEFL test. Both the writing exam has two questions.

Differences: Listening

This is the main point to clear the exams. Most of the students don’t want to listen to speech that why they lose concentrations and miss answers. In IELTS listening time is 30 minutes and in TOEFL listening time is 1 hour.

Difference: Reading

The last but most important point in both tests is reading. In IELTS, the examiner gives you to multiple questions for readings and in TOEFL test you have the multiple choice to presents the topic.

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How can you improve your speaking for IELTS?


If you are not having the good exposure in the English language then it might take a long process to get well-ranked bands.Particularly in speaking, give your best effort to explore in speaking and hence start doing practice as soon as you can.

By going through the following tips, you can greatly touch the heights in English speaking:

  • Firstly, try to find English speaking buddies with whom you can practice.
  • Whenever you are practicing, just record yourself. It will be good to hear that how you sound. This will definitely help you in improving yourself that where are your hesitating or where you are not clear.
  • Always keep yourself ahead to take the opportunity to speak. You can join any English club or you can start with your own one. You can also have various online options for this.
  • Take some topics and write on them on the piece of paper. Put these bits of paper in a container and choose one every day and speak out loud non-stop for one minute.
  • Do not stick to the IELTS books only, go beyond these also. This will improve your experience in saying more in exams.
  • To get correct pronunciation, get recordings of the poems and listen to them. Speak and record yourself.

By taking an approach of preparation from many people, you can get to know about how you will succeed. By meeting different students of the best IELTS center in Punjab, you will have the idea about their plans and how to create a process of learning and preparing for the IELTS.